Feb 14, 2015

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What’s up with the new Nintendo 3DS?


Have you guys heard the news? There is a new Nintendo console out there! From the creators of the world’s most famous portable console – Game Boy, comes the Nintendo 3DS! Oh, you know? No, you guys, this is the New 3DS! Seriously, they call it like that – New 3DS. So, be careful what you buy, there is a big difference between new and New. And, if we forget about that name issue, it looks like the 3DS’s successor is going to be really good.

Besides sharing a very similar name to the previous 3DS, the new one has a lot of mutual physical features, too. While you might not notice it’s V2.0 at the first glance, there are subtle changes in design. It’s touched up a little, some changes have been made and most of them are actually really good. Kinda what you would expect from a reboot, but you are not used to getting it, so you have to emphasize it.

new_nintendo_3ds_console_buttons-730x405The biggest change is the most obvious one – additional analog stick. It’s more a nub, really, and it performs great. Folks asked for it – and they got it. And if you never missed it – well, now you have an additional control option that you are free to ignore, but I have to admit, it’s a game changer in some of the games. Really comes in nice.
There are also two more side buttons, positioned quite well for you to reach, but there isn’t much use for them right now, tho we are sure they will be useful in future, as game creators catch up on the New 3DS.

A big part of 3DS was – you guessed it – the 3D! If you got used to the old system and thought: well, it’s all right, at least I don’t have to use glasses – boy, are you in for a treat! New 3DS uses improved front camera technology that creates a better, more stable 3D effect. Camera will track your eye movement, and you won’t be forced to sit perfectly still while playing. System is so much better, in fact, that after playing old 3DS games, you will forget about the old console. New 3DS has superior 3D experience that actually makes old games better and won’t give you headaches and double vision!

Oh yeah! With the New 3DS console, comes new power! Faster processor will, naturally, make your wait time shorter, cut on loading time and all in all – make for a better game experience. But, think about it: new processing power means that future games for the New 3DS will be better, more complex and graphically engaging. Also, this will produce more New 3DS exclusive games, which only goes to fan’s benefit.

New 3DS also supports NFC figures, called Amiibo. It’s simple – put a figurine on the screen, it interacts with your console and something in the game changes. Applications are versatile, and not everybody is really doing the happy happy dance because of it, but it’s there and it’s an option, so there you go, guys.

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