May 26, 2015

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iOS 9 To Bring Old iPhones Up To Date


Looks like Apple is finally taking consumers’ needs into account. First they upgraded the battery on the iPhone 6 so it could last longer, and now they are letting their users repurpose their old iPhones through the release of the new iOS 9.

In a surprising and unprecedented new move, the American tech giants have their team working on the first version of their operating system which is meant to “give a new life” to old devices, as reports are calling it.

According to reliable insiders, the new version of Apple’s operating system will have two versions, one of which is meant to work with the top performance and speed of newer iPhone models and another which is supposed to help older phones improve their performance.

As you probably know, Apple’s new software is usually meant to be compatible with older phones to a certain extent, but it tends to run slow and not perform to its best capabilities when downloaded on previous models, so if it this piece of intel turns out to be true, it will be good and welcome news for those who can’t keep replacing their phones as Apple releases new versions every fall.

According to the same Apple insiders, this move is set to bring a whole generation or more of devices, including not just iPhones but also iPads and even iPods up-to-date, turning the company more environmentally and consumer-friendly, which is why it is creating so much excitement online.

Of course, Apple’s new strategy has more to do with their desire to conquer new markets through discounted old phones than with their concern over the experiences of iPhone users, but it’s still quite an intelligent move, seeing as consumers in these markets are in some cases still waiting to see updates to their old phones which do not run the newer versions of iOS and Siri properly, something you can easily tell from the sheer number of “hack” posts from Brazilian tech blogs, for instance.

Meanwhile, it is kind of interesting to note that the timing for the expected release of the new operating system – sources are pointing to early June – coincides with another possibly significant event as rumors online suggest that the iPhone 3G and 3GS might lose their support at that same time.

What this means is that Apple ceases to acknowledge their responsibility to repair these models, as they’ve become “obsolete” according to their internal categorization, which is meant to be used by retailers as well as Apple’s own stores.

The coincidence in the timing for these two events is obviously significant because the goal of the new iOS is to keep older models from becoming obsolete, possibly starting with the iPhone 4, which is the oldest model after the 3G and 3GS.

The new “basic” version of the iOS 9 system will still be very useful if it becomes a reality, as a lot of people still haven’t upgraded from the iPhone 5, and in some cases even the 4, and the boost in performance can be a great help when running apps like Gold Star, which allows users to find entertainment events and buy tickets half-price in real time. The new and improved performance might actually be a big Improvement for those who run it on older phones, as running faster can keep them from missing out on some of the excellent entrainment deals the site and app offer.

This is a particularly great news for luxury customization service providers for iPhones. This will certainly boost the sales up because iPhone users will now be more willing to spend the extra bucks on these sleek extravagant customizations, like the ones provided by Gold Status (as seen here: because they know that their iPhones will not be considered obsolete after about only a year or so.

When it’s all said and done, Apple’s intentions may not be altruistic, but everyone will win if this version of iOS is actually released, from consumers to third party app developers and even the environment.

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