May 26, 2015

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iOS 9 To Bring Old iPhones Up To Date


Looks like Apple is finally taking consumers’ needs into account. First they upgraded the battery on the iPhone 6 so it could last longer, and now they are letting their users repurpose their old iPhones through the release of the new iOS 9.

In a surprising and unprecedented new move, the American tech giants have their team working on the first version of their operating system which is meant to “give a new life” to old devices, as reports are calling it.

According to reliable insiders, the new version of Apple’s operating system will have two versions, one of which is meant to work with the top performance and speed of newer iPhone models and another which is supposed to help older phones improve their performance.

As you probably know, Apple’s new software is usually meant to be compatible with older phones to a certain extent, but it tends to run slow and not perform to its best capabilities when downloaded on previous models, so if it this piece of intel turns out to be true, it will be good and welcome news for those who can’t keep replacing their phones as Apple releases new versions every fall.

According to the same Apple insiders, this move is set to bring a whole generation or more of devices, including not just iPhones but also iPads and even iPods up-to-date, turning the company more environmentally and consumer-friendly, which is why it is creating so much excitement online.

Of course, Apple’s new strategy has more to do with their desire to conquer new markets through discounted old phones than with their concern over the experiences of iPhone users, but it’s still quite an intelligent move, seeing as consumers in these markets are in some cases still waiting to see updates to their old phones which do not run the newer versions of iOS and Siri properly, something you can easily tell from the sheer number of “hack” posts from Brazilian tech blogs, for instance.

Meanwhile, it is kind of interesting to note that the timing for the expected release of the new operating system – sources are pointing to early June – coincides with another possibly significant event as rumors online suggest that the iPhone 3G and 3GS might lose their support at that same time.

What this means is that Apple ceases to acknowledge their responsibility to repair these models, as they’ve become “obsolete” according to their internal categorization, which is meant to be used by retailers as well as Apple’s own stores.

The coincidence in the timing for these two events is obviously significant because the goal of the new iOS is to keep older models from becoming obsolete, possibly starting with the iPhone 4, which is the oldest model after the 3G and 3GS.

The new “basic” version of the iOS 9 system will still be very useful if it becomes a reality, as a lot of people still haven’t upgraded from the iPhone 5, and in some cases even the 4, and the boost in performance can be a great help when running apps like Gold Star, which allows users to find entertainment events and buy tickets half-price in real time. The new and improved performance might actually be a big Improvement for those who run it on older phones, as running faster can keep them from missing out on some of the excellent entrainment deals the site and app offer.

This is a particularly great news for luxury customization service providers for iPhones. This will certainly boost the sales up because iPhone users will now be more willing to spend the extra bucks on these sleek extravagant customizations, like the ones provided by Gold Status (as seen here: because they know that their iPhones will not be considered obsolete after about only a year or so.

When it’s all said and done, Apple’s intentions may not be altruistic, but everyone will win if this version of iOS is actually released, from consumers to third party app developers and even the environment.

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May 6, 2015

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The Latest Digital Threats That Seek To Hijack Your Computer

If a couple of years ago it was the RansomWare malware seeking to seize control of computers and mobile devices, in recent months there has emerged a new threat: ExtortionWare. If the user falls for the lure of ExtortionWare, the victim won’t be able to view blocked files, on their computer, under a cipher unknown. They will have to pay the offender if they want to unlock it. For the viewing of sexual content, incautious or unwary can be threatened with the denunciation of their intimate contacts to their social networks and videos trying to see activities. But not quite so extreme, in less sordid situations you can fall into the hands of gangs dedicated to kidnapping of computers and further extortion.

This new malware has moved from sex pages to the general ad networks. Thus, it is no longer necessary to be envisioning pornographic content to jump a request for updating the Flash Player (video executing program) actually hiding the activation of a virus. Anyone can fall on any page in the ExtortionWare, as explained in Consumer Eroski, which also states what to do in these cases

How they attack

Cyber criminals have managed to infiltrate ad networks of ordinary ads without any controversy and distributed by most general pages. How do they pass filter ad networks and companies that are dedicated to managing and distributing online advertising? Usually, these platforms put great controls that filter possible malware hidden in ads and malware strain is difficult. However, criminal networks have developed a strategy based on buying ad space safe passing filter platforms.

Once inside the advertising distribution circuit, they apply it to a small software update ad support, common, and that’s when they introduce malware and update requirement Flash Player. If you agree to update, you will go to the page of Adobe (owner of software company), but a virus that is responsible for abducting all computer files and encrypt them will activate.

An example of this type of virus, which also asks for money to release the files is Cryptowall. Discovered a year ago in various pornographic sites, it has surprised experts to be found again camouflaged in advertisements in the most used Flash format.

How to act

Thus, anyone can fall into the trap of ExtortionWare, if you are not careful enough and you look at what is a proposed upgrade. However, yes there are a number of strategies to avoid disappointment.

The first is that when you are prompted to upgrade Flash Player, which is something that happens with some regularity, we should not click the button automatically, but make sure the source of the pop-up window where the update request is trustworthy. If it is found that the URL that leads not match the Adobe page, avoid the apparent upgrade. It is best to force out the page where it is and even browser.

If there is a failure to detect fraud in time, pass to the second strategy to cut the action of the malicious software. To do this, you have to have a better firewall and have enabled antivirus. If you own a business, having a good IT support company managing your data’s security is ideal because you are assured that they will have the latest software to counter all of these said malware.

On the other hand, a good measure is to have one of the many file storage services in the cloud so that sensitive data have always had a backup that is isolated ExtortionWare attack. Sometimes, some of these viruses are also capable of attacking the files stored on the server platform, if not on time off the desktop version. Therefore, it is not more have an external hard drive and disconnect the system physically where periodically perform backups. This can be too much to handle for a single person especially if you have a lot of things to do so sometimes outsourcing help would be the best option as previously stated. There are a lot of emerging IT companies now in London, who offer 100% fool proof security for your files and data. All you have to do now is a bit of research to see which of the numerous companies would best fit your needs.

In no case should you yield to the pressure of the extortionists and pay for the rescue of the files because, in addition to promoting and funding this type of practice, the user is exposed to not see their settled lawsuit and undergo a sustained extortion in time. In all cases, you should report the incident to the Telematics Group Crimes of the Civil Guard and Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police.

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Feb 23, 2015

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Broadband Speeds In London Are Too Slow!

I have to admit, in full disclosure, that these are the guys I use for IT support in my own business, but I’ve just been referred to a new infographic created by my pals at Prosyn about the incredibly sorry state of affairs when it comes to the ability of London businesses to connect to the Web. This is actually something I have struggled with with my own business in the past, and in the end I decided to pay for a very expensive leased line service in order to rectify it. I’m hoping that if enough people raise the alarm about what’s happening, that BT (but also the government) will finally take more action than they have so far in order to fix things. Anyway, enjoy the infographic, and please do share it if you, or a business you know, are affected by the appalling lack of connectivity in the capital.

The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy – An infographic by the team at Prosyn IT Support

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Feb 14, 2015

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What’s up with the new Nintendo 3DS?


Have you guys heard the news? There is a new Nintendo console out there! From the creators of the world’s most famous portable console – Game Boy, comes the Nintendo 3DS! Oh, you know? No, you guys, this is the New 3DS! Seriously, they call it like that – New 3DS. So, be careful what you buy, there is a big difference between new and New. And, if we forget about that name issue, it looks like the 3DS’s successor is going to be really good.

Besides sharing a very similar name to the previous 3DS, the new one has a lot of mutual physical features, too. While you might not notice it’s V2.0 at the first glance, there are subtle changes in design. It’s touched up a little, some changes have been made and most of them are actually really good. Kinda what you would expect from a reboot, but you are not used to getting it, so you have to emphasize it.

new_nintendo_3ds_console_buttons-730x405The biggest change is the most obvious one – additional analog stick. It’s more a nub, really, and it performs great. Folks asked for it – and they got it. And if you never missed it – well, now you have an additional control option that you are free to ignore, but I have to admit, it’s a game changer in some of the games. Really comes in nice.
There are also two more side buttons, positioned quite well for you to reach, but there isn’t much use for them right now, tho we are sure they will be useful in future, as game creators catch up on the New 3DS.

A big part of 3DS was – you guessed it – the 3D! If you got used to the old system and thought: well, it’s all right, at least I don’t have to use glasses – boy, are you in for a treat! New 3DS uses improved front camera technology that creates a better, more stable 3D effect. Camera will track your eye movement, and you won’t be forced to sit perfectly still while playing. System is so much better, in fact, that after playing old 3DS games, you will forget about the old console. New 3DS has superior 3D experience that actually makes old games better and won’t give you headaches and double vision!

Oh yeah! With the New 3DS console, comes new power! Faster processor will, naturally, make your wait time shorter, cut on loading time and all in all – make for a better game experience. But, think about it: new processing power means that future games for the New 3DS will be better, more complex and graphically engaging. Also, this will produce more New 3DS exclusive games, which only goes to fan’s benefit.

New 3DS also supports NFC figures, called Amiibo. It’s simple – put a figurine on the screen, it interacts with your console and something in the game changes. Applications are versatile, and not everybody is really doing the happy happy dance because of it, but it’s there and it’s an option, so there you go, guys.

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