Feb 23, 2015

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Broadband Speeds In London Are Too Slow!

I have to admit, in full disclosure, that these are the guys I use for IT support in my own business, but I’ve just been referred to a new infographic created by my pals at Prosyn about the incredibly sorry state of affairs when it comes to the ability of London businesses to connect to the Web. This is actually something I have struggled with with my own business in the past, and in the end I decided to pay for a very expensive leased line service in order to rectify it. I’m hoping that if enough people raise the alarm about what’s happening, that BT (but also the government) will finally take more action than they have so far in order to fix things. Anyway, enjoy the infographic, and please do share it if you, or a business you know, are affected by the appalling lack of connectivity in the capital.

The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy – An infographic by the team at Prosyn IT Support

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