May 26, 2015

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iOS 9 To Bring Old iPhones Up To Date


Looks like Apple is finally taking consumers’ needs into account. First they upgraded the battery on the iPhone 6 so it could last longer, and now they are letting their users repurpose their old iPhones through the release of the new iOS 9.

In a surprising and unprecedented new move, the American tech giants have their team working on the first version of their operating system which is meant to “give a new life” to old devices, as reports are calling it.

According to reliable insiders, the new version of Apple’s operating system will have two versions, one of which is meant to work with the top performance and speed of newer iPhone models and another which is supposed to help older phones improve their performance.

As you probably know, Apple’s new software is usually meant to be compatible with older phones to a certain extent, but it tends to run slow and not perform to its best capabilities when downloaded on previous models, so if it this piece of intel turns out to be true, it will be good and welcome news for those who can’t keep replacing their phones as Apple releases new versions every fall.

According to the same Apple insiders, this move is set to bring a whole generation or more of devices, including not just iPhones but also iPads and even iPods up-to-date, turning the company more environmentally and consumer-friendly, which is why it is creating so much excitement online.

Of course, Apple’s new strategy has more to do with their desire to conquer new markets through discounted old phones than with their concern over the experiences of iPhone users, but it’s still quite an intelligent move, seeing as consumers in these markets are in some cases still waiting to see updates to their old phones which do not run the newer versions of iOS and Siri properly, something you can easily tell from the sheer number of “hack” posts from Brazilian tech blogs, for instance.

Meanwhile, it is kind of interesting to note that the timing for the expected release of the new operating system – sources are pointing to early June – coincides with another possibly significant event as rumors online suggest that the iPhone 3G and 3GS might lose their support at that same time.

What this means is that Apple ceases to acknowledge their responsibility to repair these models, as they’ve become “obsolete” according to their internal categorization, which is meant to be used by retailers as well as Apple’s own stores.

The coincidence in the timing for these two events is obviously significant because the goal of the new iOS is to keep older models from becoming obsolete, possibly starting with the iPhone 4, which is the oldest model after the 3G and 3GS.

The new “basic” version of the iOS 9 system will still be very useful if it becomes a reality, as a lot of people still haven’t upgraded from the iPhone 5, and in some cases even the 4, and the boost in performance can be a great help when running apps like Gold Star, which allows users to find entertainment events and buy tickets half-price in real time. The new and improved performance might actually be a big Improvement for those who run it on older phones, as running faster can keep them from missing out on some of the excellent entrainment deals the site and app offer.

This is a particularly great news for luxury customization service providers for iPhones. This will certainly boost the sales up because iPhone users will now be more willing to spend the extra bucks on these sleek extravagant customizations, like the ones provided by Gold Status (as seen here: because they know that their iPhones will not be considered obsolete after about only a year or so.

When it’s all said and done, Apple’s intentions may not be altruistic, but everyone will win if this version of iOS is actually released, from consumers to third party app developers and even the environment.

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May 7, 2015

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Repairing Your Smashed Or Damaged iPhone Screen

Repairing Your Smashed Or Damaged iPhone Screen

A damaged or smashed iPhone screen would definitely give you a good lesson of careful handling! Smashed iPhone screens tend to be the top most reason behind the repairing of iPhone. Considering the portable nature and size of iPhone, it may take few moments before the occurrence of this major damage! Since the screen of iPhone is of glass, thus, cracks may end up in sharp edges, which may source an injury to your finger. Gradually, these cracks tend to become worse, increasing the possibility of injury as well. After working with one of the leaders in iPhone screen repair in St Albans, we were able to narrow down the complete process so you two can offer this to your clients as a service.

In order to replace a fresh, new screen with the damaged one, the process consists of the following steps:

  • Complete removal of the old, smashed screen.
  • Careful cleaning of the device.
  • Installation of the new screen.

Often, iPhone users seek answers related to their screen repair concerns. This has made me feel the need of penning down some important answers that will greatly help them in taking informed decisions.

Make Sure You Use The Original Screen

The question is particularly important, as considering the quality of screen; you can judge its durability. You can easily find imitated iPhone screens, which may initially work as perfectly but are less durable, as well as susceptible to scratches and cracks, despite being carefully handled. The second common failure with these imitated screens is the poor quality of LCD that fails to work after some weeks, or months. Clearly speaking, if you have no plans to switch onto a new phone in the near future, than you are advice not to consider ‘cheap’ repairs, as this can make you pay even more in the future, and can also increase the risk of damage to the device. Instead, pay a little more for an original screen, in order to avoid problems in the long run!

Make Sure The Screen Has Been Thoroughly Tested

considering the complexity of advanced Smartphones, the changing process of screen involves the opening of the device, followed by the re-installation of components. To avert any trouble, related to other functions or features of the device, the iPhone should be carefully tested. The advice should be taken seriously in case the device is being delivered by the online retailers.

Is The Phone In Warranty?

Indeed, getting your iPhone repaired will cost you far little, as compared to purchasing a fresh new set, yet it is still the costly outlay. In order to get assurance, regarding the services being authentic and genuine, it is advice to ask for the warranty. Many companies provide a 90 days warranty, however, imagining the repair cost of such devices; I would really appreciate if my repaired iPhone is covered by a full year warranty!

So, these were some very basic, though, useful answers that need to be considered, while you opt to get your touch screen fixed. I hope these help.

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May 6, 2015

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The Latest Digital Threats That Seek To Hijack Your Computer

If a couple of years ago it was the RansomWare malware seeking to seize control of computers and mobile devices, in recent months there has emerged a new threat: ExtortionWare. If the user falls for the lure of ExtortionWare, the victim won’t be able to view blocked files, on their computer, under a cipher unknown. They will have to pay the offender if they want to unlock it. For the viewing of sexual content, incautious or unwary can be threatened with the denunciation of their intimate contacts to their social networks and videos trying to see activities. But not quite so extreme, in less sordid situations you can fall into the hands of gangs dedicated to kidnapping of computers and further extortion.

This new malware has moved from sex pages to the general ad networks. Thus, it is no longer necessary to be envisioning pornographic content to jump a request for updating the Flash Player (video executing program) actually hiding the activation of a virus. Anyone can fall on any page in the ExtortionWare, as explained in Consumer Eroski, which also states what to do in these cases

How they attack

Cyber criminals have managed to infiltrate ad networks of ordinary ads without any controversy and distributed by most general pages. How do they pass filter ad networks and companies that are dedicated to managing and distributing online advertising? Usually, these platforms put great controls that filter possible malware hidden in ads and malware strain is difficult. However, criminal networks have developed a strategy based on buying ad space safe passing filter platforms.

Once inside the advertising distribution circuit, they apply it to a small software update ad support, common, and that’s when they introduce malware and update requirement Flash Player. If you agree to update, you will go to the page of Adobe (owner of software company), but a virus that is responsible for abducting all computer files and encrypt them will activate.

An example of this type of virus, which also asks for money to release the files is Cryptowall. Discovered a year ago in various pornographic sites, it has surprised experts to be found again camouflaged in advertisements in the most used Flash format.

How to act

Thus, anyone can fall into the trap of ExtortionWare, if you are not careful enough and you look at what is a proposed upgrade. However, yes there are a number of strategies to avoid disappointment.

The first is that when you are prompted to upgrade Flash Player, which is something that happens with some regularity, we should not click the button automatically, but make sure the source of the pop-up window where the update request is trustworthy. If it is found that the URL that leads not match the Adobe page, avoid the apparent upgrade. It is best to force out the page where it is and even browser.

If there is a failure to detect fraud in time, pass to the second strategy to cut the action of the malicious software. To do this, you have to have a better firewall and have enabled antivirus. If you own a business, having a good IT support company managing your data’s security is ideal because you are assured that they will have the latest software to counter all of these said malware.

On the other hand, a good measure is to have one of the many file storage services in the cloud so that sensitive data have always had a backup that is isolated ExtortionWare attack. Sometimes, some of these viruses are also capable of attacking the files stored on the server platform, if not on time off the desktop version. Therefore, it is not more have an external hard drive and disconnect the system physically where periodically perform backups. This can be too much to handle for a single person especially if you have a lot of things to do so sometimes outsourcing help would be the best option as previously stated. There are a lot of emerging IT companies now in London, who offer 100% fool proof security for your files and data. All you have to do now is a bit of research to see which of the numerous companies would best fit your needs.

In no case should you yield to the pressure of the extortionists and pay for the rescue of the files because, in addition to promoting and funding this type of practice, the user is exposed to not see their settled lawsuit and undergo a sustained extortion in time. In all cases, you should report the incident to the Telematics Group Crimes of the Civil Guard and Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police.

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Mar 25, 2015

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Why I Still Love iPhone Apps

In 2014, the number of mobile apps accepted into the iOS App Store reached 1.2 million. That figure put Apple on par with Google, whose Play Store hosts roughly the same number of Android applications. These may be impressive and very welcome statistics for smartphone companies, but, at the same time, they increase the effort young developers must make to promote their own app inside the vast sea of applications that are all competing for users’ attention.

This fast proliferation of mobile apps might also be a little daunting for consumers.  According to recent studies, the majority of smartphone users download zero new apps in most months. This is true despite the fact that applications are dominating mobile usage and that people are spending a rapidly increasing amount of time on their smartphones. Most users seem content with just the applications they already have on their handset.

It takes a lot of savvy marketing work to convince people that they need to download one more messaging or photo sharing app, but the chances for young startups who develop well designed  and useful mobile applications that have some sort of added value for the user, might be slightly better. If, for example, you find yourself in need of a smart new guide to help you navigate the neighborhoods in Paris, chances are you will turn to one of the app stores and download the application that seems most useful, most aptly designed and with the best functionality. In all probability, this will be an iPhone app.

There has been a lot of debate over the years about which mobile platform is best, iOS or Android. While the consumers’ choice for a smartphone depends mostly on the price, the choice for developers of mobile applications is made on very different grounds.  Building on the iOS platform is easier and cheaper that building for Android, mainly because of the fragmentation of the Android smartphone market. Most young developers don’t have the time or the financial resources to build apps that work well with a wide range of devices from different manufacturers; even though all Android phones use Google’ operating system, each one might be running different variants of the software as well as having different technical specifications.

Because young companies need to focus their attention on what will provide the best value for them, they usually build applications for iPhones first. Many successful companies like Snapchat didn’t even venture into the Android world until after they had achieved tremendous initial success with their iOS application. The fact that in-app purchases and advertising are significantly more profitable on Apple’s platform than on Android,  makes the choice that much easier for nascent startups.

So if you are not too tired of all the new app releases and still remain eager to discover a new, beautifully designed and well thought through application that will improve some aspect of your life, even to a small degree, keep searching the iTunes App Store. You are more likely to find what you are looking for amongst the sea of iPhone apps than amongst the sea of Android applications.


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Feb 23, 2015

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Broadband Speeds In London Are Too Slow!

I have to admit, in full disclosure, that these are the guys I use for IT support in my own business, but I’ve just been referred to a new infographic created by my pals at Prosyn about the incredibly sorry state of affairs when it comes to the ability of London businesses to connect to the Web. This is actually something I have struggled with with my own business in the past, and in the end I decided to pay for a very expensive leased line service in order to rectify it. I’m hoping that if enough people raise the alarm about what’s happening, that BT (but also the government) will finally take more action than they have so far in order to fix things. Anyway, enjoy the infographic, and please do share it if you, or a business you know, are affected by the appalling lack of connectivity in the capital.

The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy – An infographic by the team at Prosyn IT Support

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Feb 22, 2015

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Choosing The Right Tech For Your Small Biz

In today’s highly competitive environment, which technology to adopt can be a make or break decision for small business owners. Many choose to stick with what they know, losing out on valuable advantages to be gained by technological advances. As their competitors soar ahead, their technology becomes older, more outdated, and eventually obsolete, along with their business. Others choose to jump on the bandwagon too quickly, switching their systems over to unreliable technology that has not been fully tested. They lose time and business as they try to make the flawed systems work for them and all the while see their competitors adopt a similar technology with all the kinks ironed out! It can be maddening trying to make any choice, but there are a few tried-and-true techs that have emerged recently with the potential to give any small business a real boost.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Perhaps the hottest trend of the last year is moving file systems to the cloud. This electronic filing cabinet allows for easy searching from any device. Documents are available anytime, anywhere without having to rifle through endless paperwork. They can also be made keyword-searchable, so staff can find all relevant documents in minutes rather than hours. This saves business owners time, hassle, and even offers protection against office fires and other damages to important records. It also permits greater flexibility for working at home or on the road, since files are equally accessible from everywhere. There are many other useful applications of the cloud as well, such as scheduling, quote production, customer management, and so much more.

Save on Backend Productivity Tools

            Many businesses turn to expensive HR and accounting software for no other reason than its familiarity. Unfortunately, this software often provides more cost than use and is rapidly becoming outdated. There are many more inexpensive, user-friendly options out there that constantly keep up to date. Put more money toward what matters in your small business by adopting tools like FreshBooks or Intercom to take care of your backend needs for less. Both of these programs, and many more, have been developed by startups for the specific needs of small business owners, and more are being created every day. Do some research to find the best fit for your business.

No Need for Pricey POS

            Every transaction a small business may need to process can now be handled by any tablet or smartphone with just a few clever apps. In this post-cash era, there are an ever increasing number of free and premium apps that make it easy to collect money from clients, customers, and even friends. Square is one such app that lets anyone from your local coffee shop to the lemonade stand down the street accept credit card payments with their free portable credit card reader that plugs into any smartphone or tablet. For retailers who operate both online and in person, apps like Shopify simplify record keeping by syncing both types of sales. There are even apps that allow you to offer financing to customers for big ticket purchases!

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Feb 14, 2015

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IT Support Packages – The Importance of Automating Business Processes

image002In this digital age, every business has to exploit all opportunities to be efficient and productive. It is safe to assume that you are using computers because everyone does in this generation. If your business has a complex IT infrastructure, managing things yourself can be difficult and sometimes tedious. In my own business, I recently enlisted the help of a company who offer IT support packages to help you shoulder the burden, dealing with everything from network configuration to cloud computing issues, VOIP phone systems and everything in between.

Automating business processes through information technology

Every business wants to be productive and this can only be achieved if your staff is efficient. By developing automated processes, you will lift a lot of the burden from your staff because the computers will do most of the work. Your staff becomes free to attend to more important responsibilities since the computers can run the reports, track finances, monitor sales and progress and create queries. Your computers will do more than answer queries; they can actually perform various actions on the data that exists in your database, with various cloud computing solutions allowing you to access your company’s network even if you are not physically present at the office. Accessibility will increase productivity because you can get most of the work done while you are at home.

Enhancing communication through information technology

Communication is very critical in an organization because it allows work to get done. If there is no communication, it is very likely that you will miss appointments and meetings which can result into lost opportunities. However that there are tools for effective and efficient communication. Setting up an intranet site is one of the ways to build a network that can communicate new information. Instead of waiting for input from your staff, you can easily set up a “What’s new” section so that information can be shared in real time. This will ensure that projects will run smoothly and efficiently even if there is no face-to-face interaction.

Instant messaging as a valuable tool for a business

Everybody is using emails today for fast and reliable communication. Your organization is certainly using emails to communicate with clients and suppliers but a better idea would be instant messaging. Instant messaging within an organization will provide faster and more immediate answers than emails. Do you know that instant messaging can be integrated into your system so that you will know if your employees are their desks doing work or if they are in a business meeting? Knowing who is available at the moment will save you valuable time. Prosyn can provide you with the solution to enhance your inter-office communication system.

IT support package has revolutionized the way that accounting, communication and marketing used to be done. Modern software packages can simplify most of the standard operations of your business. Information technology has all but leveled the playing field between SME’s and established corporations because they can take advantage of the tools provided by the system. Prosyn provides businesses with tools like customer relationship management, management information systems, inventory control and data protection whose advantages used to be limited to the multi-national corporations.

If you’d like to know more about all this, check out this article:

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